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Volunteers needed for Vintage Market Days April 21-22

HEART MEMBERS-- WE NEED YOU! Everything we do is through the help of volunteers. All of our events and the proceeds we donate to non-profits are thanks to volunteers. We need more help for our Vintage Market Days event April 21-22 as we have several slots still in need of volunteers. Here's the link to sign-up to help:


The Heart of Centerville Washington Twp.'s first major vendor event of the year is Centerville Merchant Market on May 21st. As part of our marketing for that event, we are collaborating with another similar event-- Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati-- at the Greene County Fairgrounds. It’s an opportunity to reach thousands of potential attendees, as well as help at an amazing market. The hours our volunteers put in with result HOCWT receiving a portion of the proceeds to donate to one of 2023's non-profit groups.

We need more volunteers-- especially on Friday-- to make this happen. If you're a HOCWT member, or someone wanting to get more involved in their community, this is a GREAT time to step up, join The Heart, and volunteer for a good cause.

Please sign-up via this link and help us keep helping our community this year!

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