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Monthly Meeting notes 11-8-21

Hey all! Here are the meeting minutes for our November member meeting. Additionally, I wanted to clarify that we do want you AND your significant other to attend our Holiday Party on Monday, December 13th, 5:30-6:30pm. We will have a fantastic time at Nelly's Bistro. Don't forget to RSVP to me please!!!

Lastly, this Friday Morning Coffee will NOT be at Archer's. This Friday, the 12th of November will be at Town Hall Theatre at 8:30am. We will be taking a photo promptly at 8:45am so please wear your Holiday cheer! Donuts and Coffee will be provided. We ask you to bring any promotional items you may have for your business. We need enough for 100 bags. And don't forget to bring any items you may have for the Hometown Holiday Walk raffle basket.

HOCWT November 2021 Member Meeting 11/8/2021 at 7025 McEwen Road, Centerville, Ohio 45459 In attendance: Chris Wysong - President, Jesse Gaither - Vice President, Casey Dixon - Treasurer, Brandon Barrett - Secretary, Terry O’Brien, Butch Brown, Brian Nolan, Nick Tarkany, Brent Richburg, April Desai, Leslie Waye, Matt Dixon, Michael and Miriam Flack, Kathy Jablinski, Adina Angel, Ginny Suarez Documents Distributed: ○ Financial Statement ○ Agenda Discussions:

  • ○ New Website! Make sure you go and register your business.

  • ○ Treasurer Report. We are staying on budget.

  • ○ Pumpkin Patch was a great success!

■ Need to work on expenses.

  • ○ Boos and Brews

    • Dayton Mall is covering the cost of the alcohol and the cost of permit.

    • They would like to work with us again next year.

  • ○ How do we spend the money now that we have it?

  • ○ Elections for 2021

■ We are going to keep the Board the same through 2022. ● All in Agreement. ○ Hometown Holiday Walk and Tree Lighting ■ 2-4pm Uptown Festivities ● Carolers, Santa, Shops Open, Band ■ 4-6pm Benham’s Grove Who-Ville Vendor Village ● Need additional vendors.

  • Need to distribute Postcards, Posters, Banner, and Yard Signs.

  • Need more items for Basket Raffle.

  • Pole Banners for Every Year. Don’t do banners this year.

○ Friday Morning Coffee ■ This Friday November 12th at 8:30am we will be meeting at Town Hall Theatre for a promotional photo for the Hometown Holiday Walk.

  • ○ Veteran’s Day Event

    • Saturday, November 13th at Moose Lodge in Miamisburg

    • Tickets are still available.

    • Please come support!!!

  • ○ Holiday Party

    • Monday, December 13th 5:30-7:30pm.

    • Please RSVP to Brandon Barrett ASAP.

  • ○ New Member Packet

■ Kathy will work with Jesse to create ○ Member Commercial Opportunity ■ We will send out survey to find out interest

■ Board will decide a percentage to subsidize the making of the video. ● Approved Motions: ○ Board will stay the same through 2022. APPROVED! Next Meeting: Monday, December 13th at 5:30pm Submitted By: Brandon Barrett - HOCWT Secretary

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