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Meeting notes - May 2022

HOCWT March 2022 Member Meeting

3/15/2022 at 2230 East Centerville Station Road, Centerville, Ohio 45459

In attendance:Chris Wysong - President, Jesse Gaither - Vice President, Brandon Barrett -

Secretary, Casey Dixon - Treasurer, Kathy Jablinski - Director of Hospitality, Patti McCormick -

Director of Membership, Jessica Olson - Director of Marketing and Social Media, Jason Olson,

Chris Ellis, Terry O’Brien, Butch Brown, Tom Keltor, Laura Carter, Andy Carter, Gary Hardy,

Svitlana Gurieva, Vian Wheatley, John Wheatley, Mark Andrea, April Desai

●Documents Distributed:

○Financial Statement for March and April



○Party in the Park

■June 10th and July 15th

■Focusing on the layout

●May put it up on the flat area above the bandshell.

●Future plans involve better seating.

■Loose Ends, Heavier Than Air, Bock Family Brewing for our beer vendors.

■Need more volunteers.

○Centerville Merchant Market

■90 Vendors

■Started Boosted Posts on Facebook.

■Sent 33 PR Emails out today.

■Need a few more volunteers.

○Drew Simon is the new Events Coordinator for the City of Centerville.

●Member Appreciation Event was a great success! Need to have a better RSVP count.

●Tote Bags

○18 Sponsors

○Invoices to follow.

Next Meeting:Monday, June 14th at 5:30pm

Submitted By:Brandon Barrett - HOCWT Secretary

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