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Feb 2022- Meeting notes

HOCWT February 2022 Member Meeting

2/15/2022 at 28 South Main Street, Centerville, Ohio 45458

In attendance:Jesse Gaither - Vice President, Brandon Barrett - Secretary, Casey Dixon -

Treasurer, Terry O’Brien, Pam Brown, Butch Brown, David Herman, April Desai, Michael Flack,

Maryam Flack, Laura Carter, Jessica Olson, Chris Calton, Patti McCormick, Chris Ellis, Kate

Evans, Ginger Clark

●Documents Distributed:

○Financial Statement



○Not a lot of activity with the bank account. Renewal will start coming in.

○Tote Bags (Need 12 Sponsors?)

○T-Shirts Perhaps 2 Different Shirts. Butch Brown and Jessica Olson will discuss

options. No Sponsors.

○Centerville Merchant Market

■Sunday, May 22nd 11am to 6pm

■70 Vendors at Stubbs Park

■Heart Members will still be able to apply at a later date.

■Service Vendors will be intermixed into the product vendors.

■Non-Profits will be invited to participate for free that are within Centerville

Washington Township limits.

■We need volunteers! SignUp Genius.

○Party in the Park

■June and July only. August is a no go.

■City wants to continue to make this amazing!

○Need Chairs for:

■Events - Ginger Clark

■Membership -

■Marketing - Jessica Olson

■Hospitality - Kathy Jablinski

●Approved Motions:

Next Meeting:Monday, March 14th at 5:30pm

Submitted By:Brandon Barrett - HOCWT Secret

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